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our story

Vernon and Celia began all the way back in the year 2000. We were only 15 years old and we were sophomores attending Granger High School. We noticed each other in the hall ways, I noticed that Vernon would always stare at me every time he would walk passed me in the halls. Although I noticed him I didn't put the extra effort to stare or even talk to him, after all, EVERYONE had a crush on the new kid with green eyes. He noticed that I was different from all the girls. I didn't give him my attention, in fact I would ignore him on purpose. After all who did he think he was?? As the year passed on like this of him starring at me and me ignoring him, I started playing basketball for Granger High. One day after practice there was a boys basketball game at home and so after my practice i decided to stay and watch. I was sweaty and in my gym clothes and I decided to sit by my friends. As the game started the crowd kept getting bigger and bigger leaving hardly any seats available. I was excited to see how the boys basketball team was this year. Right before the game started the boy that I IGNORED sat right next to me. I was a little uncomfortable. Why did he sit by me? Didn't he have any friends? The game started and everyone was cheering. Vernon seemed a little shy, i wasn't the shy type. So we started conversation I made fun of him cheering the way he did, and he kept making me laugh. To my surprise he was funny!! There was a spark that lit that night in my heart. Through out the whole game we continued laughing and acting like we knew each other our whole lives. The game came to an end and so did our conversation. I quickly said bye like nothing happened and left. He kept starring at me walking away. The next couple of days at school, we would make eye contact in the halls and I would just smile instead of ignoring him and sometimes even bring up jokes we made that night at the basketball game and laugh while I would rush to practice or my next class. The spark grew more and more in my heart. One day after basketball practice, my best friend Maryann Brunt waited for me and she told me that "someone" liked me. Maryann was always the one to tell me secrets, all of her secrets. I trusted her and she trusted me. We were inseparable. Maryann said with a big smile, "Someone likes you Celia, but you don't have to like him back, don't feel pressured!" I smiled back and said, "I know, I don't have to like anyone, just tell me who it is." Maryann responded giggling, " Its my cousin Vernon, he was starring at your picture in my folder this whole time and he told me, were all going to the movies tonight, come with me." I agreed.

We met that night at the movies, me and my girls, and him and his boys. What a dream. Everything is history after that. We started talking to each other in the halls, and then on the phone, and then we went to school dances together, and then we graduated together deeply in love and then we found ourselves separated not by choice. He moved to Hawaii to live with his mother and siblings and I remained here continuing my education at Utah State University. People say long distant relationships don't work, but we believe that it does, as long as there is a foundation of love built. We kept in contact through phone, we would visit each other every 4-6 months at a time. I would travel to him and he would travel to me. Those times were magical. We kept the magic alive, it was our choice to do so and we did it. One of our favorite quotes is, "Where there's a will, there's a way." We definitely had the will and we always found a way. In the beginning of 2007 I began one of my dreams and I went on an LDS mission to Texas McAllen where I learned more about my Savior Jesus Christ and built on to the foundation that Vernon and I had. In December of 2007 Vernon also started one of his life long dreams and started his LDS mission in the New Zealand Auckland mission. We kept the love burning through letters of encouragement and sharing spiritual experiences. I finished my mission in the summer of 2008 and at that point Vernon still had a year and a half left. In that year, I graduated from USU with my bachelors and started working. Vernon finally came home honorably from his mission December 2009. It had been 3 years since we last saw each other. He flew to Utah and we finally reunited, it was the best feeling in the world, we couldn't stop starring at each other. We decided to be married on January 16th 2010. We finally made it to the end together. January 16th 2010 we were finally sealed in the LDS temple for all time and eternity. What a long 9 years it had been, but it was all worth it. We had both grown mentally and spiritually since that night at the Basketball game and we are living our dream every single day. Its a new start now and we are always creating new memories and stories to tell our children.


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